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Watch What Happens When Work Becomes Play

Joel uses a unique blend of improvisational and traditional comedy for his event entertainment. His comedy is hilarious, interactive and perfect for any corporate audience. The same dynamic energy and audience interaction that make his keynotes so engaging, works perfectly as pure entertainment.

Joel can also customize his entertainment performances to include key managers and audience members. His entertainment is perfect for after-dinner, entertaining employees and spicing up conferences. Want to add more power to the entertainment? Joel can include some of his key messages to the performance.

Here is what one of our many satisfied clients told us: "Our [participants] thought you were the funniest man alive."

Are you ready for the next level of corporate event entertainment? How about music? Check. We have an accomplished piano player who opened a comedy show on the Las Vegas strip. How about talented comedic performers? Check. The show involves four performers (including one musical director on piano) with extensive commercial, television and film credits. How about costumes and props? Check. Oh, we can bring funny wigs.

The show involves customized improvisational skits, music, audience interaction, costumes and video. The cast includes some of the best improvisers and comedians in the business. The show is original, interactive, hilarious and customized for any corporate audience.

The material comes from the audience, organization, event, theme, and location. That information is used as the material for the improvisational sketches and songs. The piano player accompanies the group. The audience gets involved in some of the skits that happen on stage and in the audience. It is clean, fun, hilarious, customized and perfect for any corporate or association event.

A few examples for the show:
  • The show starts with an improvisational song about the conference. The performers are placed in the audience and stand up to start singing. The audience gets a kick out of seeing people they have been sitting with for 15 minutes (and think they are an attendee) start singing. One per former starts the song and then two other performers (who had been sitting in the audience) pop up to continue the song. Everyone meets on stage to finish singing about the conference, resort, theme, etc. Much of this information comes from a pre-show interview.
  • A key attendee (executive, president) is invited to come on stage and sit in a chair. The audience is then asked for a few thoughts about the volunteer. The performers then sing a song about him/her.
  • During one scene, the audience is asked to write down any sentence, song lyric, line from a poem or anything else. The performers incorporate those lines into the scene and go on a “quest” that relates to the theme, company, agenda, etc.
  • Before the show, the client and performers meet to understand the business, company and corpo rate culture. The performers create and improvised sketch about a “day” at the client’s office.
Here are just a few ways to use Joel and his comedy troupe:
  • As after dinner or evening entertainment.
  • As a great opportunity for Joel’s clients who have hired him in the past as a keynote, to create buzz and excitement for their conference.
  • As energy bursts throughout a general session. Segments can be as short as five minutes and spread out through the day to create energy, excitement, mirth, and fun.
  • As an emcee alternative. Joel and his team can host the show as a traditional emcee, but use music and entertainment to create a complete customized experience.
  • As a break from the meeting. Joel and his team can perform a customized show during the general session.
  • As a combination with Joel’s keynotes. Add value by creating a package of keynote and entertainment.
Here are some testimonials from a recent show:

“I can not stop hearing about how FANTASTIC and HILARIOUS the entertainment was at the conference. The videos and improv show both were a huge success and I want to make sure I thank you for all your time and dedication to our group.”

“I knew it would be incredible and I can't wait to see the videos....... Once again, you delivered and I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

– Greystar

“OH my gosh. I sent you a text this morning about how wonderful the rest of the videos were. The scripts were right on, and Andrew couldn’t be more pleased. He said you were worth every penny, and more! Remember, he’s cheap, so he realllly liked you guys!!”

“Thank YOU for everything. I got lots of text messages last night about great you guys were!”

– Greystar


Commercial Actor & Host

Joel is a sought after commercial and industrial actor with more than 200 credits. In Dallas, he was co-host of The Movie Zone on UPN 21. He has appeared in dozens of commercials for such clients as the Dallas Cowboys, Direct Buy, Harrah's Casino, Mydiscountbroker.com, Time Warner Cable, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Eagle Country Markets, and Extraco Bank. He has appeared in hundreds of corporate videos for clients such as Fujitsu, Sally Beauty Supply, JC Penney, Pepsi, Pier One, and Hewlett-Packard.


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What an outstanding event!! I continue to hear ‘What’s your one line?’ and ‘opportunity and positive support’ as I speak with people in the field. Your delivery and message has created a great buzz!! Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

– T-Mobile

Thank you for captivating our Corporate Relations team during your engaging performance and discussion at our department kickoff meeting. You created a memorable event. I will never forget seeing my colleague, Sari, imitate a ballerina and a kangaroo! Your messages of passion, energy and teamwork struck a chord with our department. These lessons will be helpful to our company as we focus on reinventing protection and retirement for the consumer. Your improvisation games highlighted that we as a department need to take risks, deal with change, and positively support each other as we face our corporate challenges. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation.

– Allstate Insurance

Thank you for really bringing “it” to our conference this week in Vegas. With our company going through such an uncertain time I think that a little comic relief is exactly what was needed. I also found many of your comments on making the right choices well-targeted. Thanks for the laughs and the memories.

– Romano's Macaroni Grill

Commercial Acting & Host

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