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Speaking Videos

Full Keynote Presentation Thumbnail

Joel in Action: Full Length Keynote Presentation

So many clients and audience members have asked to see a full keynote presentation. I finally received a high quality video in digital format and guess what? The video is during my "beard phase". I have presented at more than 1500 events. I would say 5-10 events happened during my "beard phase". I like this video so much I might bring back the "beard phase."

Video Thumbnail

Compilation Speaker Demo

Joel Zeff creates energy. His spontaneous humor and vital messages have thrilled audiences for years. As a national speaker and humorist, Joel captivates audiences with a unique blend of hilarious improvisational comedy and essential ideas on work and life."

Emecee Demo Thumbnail

Joel Zeff: Emcee Demo

For awards presentations, there are two goals: recognize and reward the award recipients and entertain/motivate the rest of the audience. During award programs, my humor comes from the moment, audience, surroundings, and everything that is happening. I customize each emcee award experience with the client. Some clients want me to do everything. Others want me to share duties with the CEO or other executive.

Leading Change and Collaboration Keynote

Leading Change and Collaboration Keynote

Many of my clients ask me back for a return performance. It is always a great honor. A higher education client invited me to keynote their management conference two years in a row. This video is the second presentation for this audience. All of my sessions are very customized. With every client, I work to understand the event, objectives, audience, theme, and agenda. I then craft a presentation that will exceed the client's and audience's expectations.

Joel Zeff 2014 Keynote on Leadership

Joel Zeff 2014 Keynote on Leadership

This is one of my favorite presentations of all time. More than 3,000 people at a sales and partner event in Orlando. More than half of the attendees were from countries other than the U.S. and Canada. The first question I am always asked is "will my audience engage in the messages and games?" The answer is a resounding "Yes!" This closing keynote was in the afternoon after a long day. The client was a technology company. The audience was a mix of sales, engineers and partners from around the world. This video proves that we all want to laugh. We all want to be a part of something. We all want to play. We just need the right opportunity and a sprinkle of positive support.

Joel Zeff Full Length Keynote

Joel Zeff Full Length Keynote on Collaboration, Staying in the Game and Leading Change

I am thrilled to be able to share this standing ovation keynote. This presentation is one of my all time favorites. I spoke to more than 1,000 managers and leaders at the annual Whataburger conference. A few notes about my presentations: All of my sessions are customized to the client's objectives, agenda, theme and even the other presenters. I connect to the audience with humor and interactive exercises. Improvisation and humor are the tools I use to engage the audience in my messages. Through the laughter, energy and fun, I discuss the choices we all need to make.

Joel Zeff

Joel Zeff "Moving Bodies" Improvisation Game from Corporate Keynote

Moving Bodies is an improvisational game I often use in my keynotes. I use three audience volunteers. Two act as puppets and cannot move. The other two are the puppeteers. The game is visual and always a big hit with any type of audience. In my shorter keynotes, I always use this game as the closer. The interactive exercises work with all audiences. I have presented at more than 1,700 events. Young, experienced, international, C-Level, management, entry level, team and associate level, and every audience in between all love to laugh, play and learn. The message portion (which is not shown on this video) is about teamwork, dealing with change and staying in the game. To see more of my keynote or learn about my presentations, please visit You can also learn more at

TV Appearances

Minnesota Morning Show interview Thumbnail

Minnesota Morning Show Interview

During my book tour, I appeared on several morning shows. This is my interview on Showcase Minnesota and it is one of my favorites. The hosts were fun and engaging (which is not always the case). At the beginning of the interview I take my shoes off. This is a callback from earlier in the show. The hosts were discussing people who take their shoes off on airplanes. I completely agree with them -- keep your paws in your leather. I wanted to have some fun, so I took my shoes off at the beginning of the interview.

Good Day Tulsa Thumbnail

Good Day Tulsa Interview

I love morning shows. You have three minutes. Sometimes the interviews are three minutes of great tips. And sometimes the interviews are three minutes of silliness. This one is a fairly good mix. Plus, I love the book placement on this interview.

CNBC's The Big Idea Thumbnail

CNBC’s The Big Idea Interview

My favorite interview of all time. The Big Idea was an awesome CNBC show because you heard success stories from all levels: corporate leaders, individuals with one great idea, and entrepreneurs. The show was always positive and motivating and I was fortunate to have an opportunity to appear.

Man on the Street Videos and Commercials

Joel Zeff Video Thumbnail

Commercial Demo Reel

Are you looking for a great "man on the street" interviewer, host, spokesperson or funny "character" guy? Please enjoy my commercial actor demo reel (unedited).

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Commercial Acting & Host

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Dallas Cowboy Promo

Make the Right Choice

Make the Right Choice Book Cover

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The meeting was a great success!!! Joel was a major hit! Below are a few comments that I have received thus far via e-mail: “You’ve done it once again!! Joel was hilarious. But, more than anything he provided practical application to help me become a stronger leader with my team. I LOVED learning about creative ways to engage my team, taking advantage of opportunities and providing positive support to my employees to show they are heard and valued. I will also be using the communication improv and ‘Mr.-Know-It-All’ during my next team meeting. Keep listening and demonstrating you hear us by doing all you can to provide the tools necessary for us to be stronger and more effective leaders. Thank you!”

“…I want to thank you for your recommendation for the speaker. I really enjoyed laughing and tcoming out of our comfort zone together while also getting a good message from Joel. He was the perfect combination of comedy, motivation and inspiration. Thanks for all you did to maketoday successful.”

“I have received numerous more comments verbally, but everyone had a wonderful time and was able to walk away with a message and ideas for their own teams.”

– Aflac Incorporated, Worldwide Headquarter

Man on the Street Videos

Joel man on the stree thumbnail
Joel Emcee Thumbnail


Group of people having fun

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“First, let me say that I was performance all weekend long for friends and family – so my personal enjoyment extended way beyond the 90 minutes we had in the “back room” of the Hyatt in Richardson! Second, you provided a superb ending to our conference by giving people excellent food for thought while making them laugh. We have had tremendous feedback on your contribution to our event.”

– Ericsson

I’ve heard very positive comments on your performance and our entire event, so thanks for your time and talents! I have heard only good things, and from the laughter, everyone enjoyed him. And without intent, he connected to the presenter the day before, because he spoke about having fun at work. Our CEO was quite a hoot, too in the last game onstage.

– State Compensation Fund of Arizona